Juan Escalante is an undocumented immigrant who is pursuing a Master's Degree in Public Administration and Policy.

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Anonymous asked:
Hello so I am trying to find out how long it takes for DACA application to finalize. I turned in my application on the first week on May 2014. I had my biometrics on July 2014 and I am still waiting for some sort of answer. Also this December 2014 my paper work for Permanent Residency will expire and I am lost on wether I should leave California to Juarez and make an appointment or should I wait till I hear about what is going on with DACA?
I answered:

Im trying to wrap my head around about what you are inquiring about. Are you applying for a green card and the green card is expiring? If so, why not renew it instead of applying to DACA? 

Could you message me and be a little bit more specific? Also, please not that I am not an attorney :( But, I will try to answer your inquiry to the best of my ability!


ESPN ran this wonderful interactive spread about the evolution of the Florida State helmet. So I decide it to make it a GIF. Enjoy.

Evolution of The Seminoles

Since the start of Florida State’s football program 67 years ago, the Seminoles have sported more than 20 styles of helmets, among the most in the NCAA. They’ve included leather headgear, hand-me-downs from the University of Tampa and a black “warrior” one-off. The tomahawk has appeared on most of them, but the golden, spear-clad design, created by former head coach Bobby Bowden, still endures-it’s going into its 38th straight season.


All credit to ESPN Magazine.

3 stories you should be reading

Happy Friday! Here are three stories that have caught my attention today:

  • MSN Messenger is Deadsome loved it, some hated it, some chose AOL’s AIM over it, but bottom line MSN Messenger was one of those messaging apps willing to take a chance on new services, third party plug-ins (talk about emoji collections), and connectivity - especially for those who had contact outside the United States. 

  • Slow day at work? Vox is reporting on the benefits of "coffee naps." That is right, drink coffee, take a nap, and BOOM! extra energy. Sounds crazy? Well, it is. But as Vox states:
    To understand a coffee nap, you have to understand how caffeine affects you. 
  • NOM NOM NOMWant to eat Taco Bell for the rest of your life? The fast food company is offering residents of certain cities a chance to win $10,000 gift cards if they find a SPECIFIC dollar. That is, a dollar with a specific serial number. Be sure to check those wallets!