I entered the Netroots Nation Scholarship competition a little over a week ago.

It goes without say that I’ve always wanted to attend Netroots, not only for the panels and content that is offered opportunities, but also for the networking opportunity that this yearly gathering offers. The folks who regularly attend Netroots are people who I have been communicating with, and working with, over the Internet for YEARS and have yet to meet in person!

For full disclosure, I have won this scholarship in the past. A couple years back  I was privileged enough to be awarded the opportunity to attend Netroots but due to my lack of documents, and the fear of what would happen if I boarded an airplane with an expired ID, prevented me from taking full advantage of the opportunity.

This time, it is different.

I’ve already gone ahead and purchased my ticket to San Jose, CA - a crazy flight itinerary since I reside in northern Florida, and now count with the confidence and documents to travel at will. Aside from not winning, and be left to wander around the streets of California, I am excited to reunite with old friends, meet new ones, and try to get in to a space that will allow me to soak in new campaigns, ideas, and strategies for my self-growth and development.

Please take a minute of your time and vote for me by clicking here.

I promise to share the content I gather at Netroots with ya’ll, photos will also be included as well! Take the time to learn more about Netroots Nation, and who know, maybe you can apply to attend next year!

Consider reblogging, sharing on Facebook, and/or Tweeting this link (http://bit.ly/juannn) out for others to help me attend Netroots.